The Cleveland Show

Cleveland Brown was originally a frequently recurring character on Family Guy before being inexplicably spun-off onto his own show, The Cleveland Show. Metacritic’s aggregated scores lists The Cleveland Show as Seth McFarlane’s worst creation, the humor is terribly ambiguous, and its attempts to stray from racial conflict veers in the opposite direction, easily crossing into a campaign of token stereotypes. To be frank, Cleveland Brown does not actually have any brown friends, celebrities withstanding, because animated celebrities will befriend anyone for a paycheck; therein lies the whole premise, if you show and tell Reagan Gomez and Kevin Michael Richardson, can you then credit primetime with diversity? It’s when you factor in the minds, from the Executive Producers Seth McFarlane, Richard Appel, and Mike Henry, the voice of Cleveland Brown himself, to Producer Kara Vallow, that these cultural discrepancies appear appropriately scripted. So far as I can Google, writers included, The Cleveland Show chronicles the lives of an African American family from the comedic perspective of anyone but an African American, which is entertaining in its own right, so long as you know that’s exactly what it is.


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