Prometheus Notes

  • Previews first, Rock of Ages is movie star karaoke, Total Recall does not need a reboot, and someone stop Tim Burton.
  • Challenge Michael Fassbender to a game of basketball, dribble looks suspect, a game of HORSE would suffice.
  • Future drugs are awesome, seem to lack any detrimental side effects, can’t have them soon enough.
  • Black people seem to avoid space like large urban swimming pools, Idris didn’t even take his shirt off, sorry ladies.
  • Wanted a specific character to be maimed until we caught a glimpse of her flat stomach and toned body, then I just wanted her.
  • All this talk about Charlize Theron’s pushups and she only did five half pushups, Michelle Obama would crush her.
  • Not sure how I feel about challenging Darwin, especially when a space penis evolves into a space vagina.
  • To this day, after countless video games have instructed generations, the notion of strafing escapes more escapees…
  • Curiosity makes us human and only kills cats … and I’m a robot. Final score, 2 out of 3 somethings, that’s all folks.

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