2012 NBA Finals G2 Recap

* in reverse order.

  • #finals #final @miamiheat 100 / @okcthunder 96
  • #finals all together now, you can’t be clutch in a LOSS; respect the title, and give Lebron his due.
  • #finals Clutch? Minimal contact, Durant came up short at the rim; then Lebron calmly knocks down two free throws #finish
  • #finals @okcthunder are finished, calling it early, those missed chippies will prove fatal… and @kdtrey5 missing free throws. #finished
  • #finals James Harden flops once again, look at his face when he does it, LOOK AT IT!
  • #finals the @kdtrey5 dunk over Shane Battier should be under consideration for the new @nba logo.
  • #finals that awkward moment when James Harden bowls into a defensive players and looks puzzled at the offensive foul call…
  • #finals James puts up a three … sounds eerily like Carmelo puts up a three, and we know how that turns out.
  • #finals if we know Durant and Sefalosha can’t handle Lebron in the post, why is Lebron running isolation plays from the perimeter?
  • #finals half @miamiheat 55 / @okcthunder 43
  • About this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ2Wvmvpszs musically themed road trip @honda commercial, did they kidnap that one black child?
  • @LunaBerry3 if it were about a black family with a single conspicuous white child, then this would happen http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Woman-Shot-Chest-Brooklyn-Church-Avenue-38-Street-159134215.html
  • #finals these terrible Dark Knight Rises commercials worry me, were Batman Begins and Dark Knight commercials this bad?
  • #finals remember who called the finger wag. If Serge Ibaka averaged twenty plus a season … @blakegriffin?
  • #finals Lebron just tried to murder someone at the end of the quarter … and confirmed he is not a killer.
  • #finals someone finally told Lebron that he is simply stronger than Durant #KRYPTONITE
  • #finals that double flop was special, @wwe special.
  • #finals Serge Ibaka should learn to wag a finger, go full on Mutombo #whenwillyoulearn
  • #finals even on a miss, Wade already exhibited more energy than his entire game one effort.
  • #finals in case you missed it, spoiler alert, #uncledrew is @kyrieirving
  • #finals that American anthem rendition dragged, like Jessica Sanchez issued a challenge… that Sara Evans failed.
  • #finals about to change my ringtone to this Star Wars theme, it’s that serious.

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