2012 NBA Finals G3 Recap

* in reverse order

  • #finals final @miamiheat 91 / @okcthunder 85
  • #finals leaving Westbrook wide open is the best defensive play possible, he comes to play with pressure only #kryptonite
  • #finals @miamiheat found a solution to that Kevin Durant isolation play on the left block, part of it is simply all world Lebron defense.
  • #finals Thabo Sefalosha dunked on Dwyane Wade in reverse after picking his pocket… @okcthunder back within one
  • #finals two minutes left, @miamiheat up five
  • #finals Durant couldn’t expect to get that charge called, he needs another year to man up, especially with that kind of length.
  • #finals if you’re an @okcthunder fan and you’re not tight that Durant didn’t try for the block there, then you’re not a basketball fan.
  • #finals Chris Bosh perfectly displayed butter fingers, ruined the perfect Lebron James assist, is equalizing the Westbrook liability.
  • @bringmedabir in support of the @miamiheat, I totally agree with this sentiment, please put the ball in Westbrook’s hands, and not Harden’s.
  • #finals like game two, Durant misses another pair of free throws, would call the game over in favor of @miamiheat if not for James Harden
  • #finals one more quarter to go, @miamiheat up two at home, waiting on that one play… #thekilling
  • #finals this is an impossible amount of three point fouls committed, very original method for cutting this lead down to three.
  • #finals @okcthunder lead has grown to eleven, @miamiheat need shooters to connect against this zone defense
  • #finals not sure why teams don’t zone against @miamiheat more often, Scott Brooks is becoming an elite coach.
  • #finals @okcthunder up nine, their third quarter runs continue
  • @brittquita my money would be on Stern, the Ric Flair comparisons are uncanny.
  • #finals halftime David Stern has been the @nba commissioner since I was a ONE YEAR OLD #retire
  • @Jaxn_CEO three time scoring champion, Durant is an offensive beast, no one is going to shut down Lebron except for Lebron.
  • #finals half @miamiheat 47 / @okcthunder 46
  • #finals Shane Battier is channeling the spirit of B.J. Armstrong and Steve Kerr to perfectly compliment Lebron and Wade.
  • If only Stallone, Norris, and Schwarzenegger made The Expendables in their prime… It’s sort of sad watching them try to look active.
  • #finals Durant exchanges words with Wade? Saw him take out the mouthpiece and everything, then he promptly turns the ball over…
  • #finals Nick Collison has played 4 minutes, scored 2 points, and committed 3 fouls; new favorite @okcthunder player thanks to @brittquita
  • #finals blocking foul after the pass AND change of possession? #unprecedented
  • #finals Van Gundy quote, Nick Collison’s intangibles include proudly raising his hand to take responsibility for committed fouls.
  • #finals remember when you knew game one was over because Nick Collison was dunking left and right? Mike Miller just scored at the rim…
  • @brittquita that bad Adam Sandler movie looks like a parody of a bad Adam Sandler movie. Retweeted by @jorenerene.
  • #finals for the smaller team on the court, and against a younger team, @miamiheat are dominating the offensive glass early.
  • #finals Serge Ibaka has a mid range jumper, light touch around the rim, and just showed a hook shot; his game is smoothing out all around.
  • #finals missed the anthem and team introductions… Any Jessica Sanchez competition? More Star Wars music?
  • #finals for all the flack Russell Westbrook is receiving, his 27 points, 8 assists, 9 rebounds per game averages are spectacular
  • #finals after a day spent drowning out #usopen golf on @espn radio, it’s time to absorb the @nba

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