UEFA Euro 2012 Championship Recap

The image above represents my notes below, presented in reverse order.

  • #euro2012 Spain crushes Italy 4 – 0, first to win three consecutive championships, earns *best team ever* consideration
  • #euro2012 that awkward moment when your opponent is smiling between scoring attempts in a shutout
  • #euro2012 Spain allowed one goal through this entire tournament, and their four goal lead is the largest in championship history #legacy
  • #euro2012 #GOAL Spain, again, for the fourth time.
  • #euro2012 #GOAL Spain, again, for the third time
  • #euro2012 the players are exhausted, nearly as exhausted as my interest; let’s not delude ourselves with comeback possibilities
  • #euro2012 Mario Balotelli reminds me of James Harden with his mohawk hairstyle and flopping technique, neither is a champion this year.
  • #euro2012 this is the first game I have ever seen with a two score difference in which I would favor a mercy ruling.
  • #euro2012 anyone know what the soccer version of a pick and roll is? Can you set a legal screen in soccer? Don’t let me coach your children
  • #euro2012 Italy almost scores, Spain almost scores, Italy almost scores, Spain … this is the soccer I remember
  • #euro2012 FINALLY Americans do something noticeably better than Europeans in presentation, their halftime show was WEAK
  • #euro2012 there were Italy players in the vicinity of both Spain scorers, it’s the little things #championship #experience
  • #euro2012 it’s usually easy to blame the offside rules for low scoring soccer matches, Spain is playing how you imagine the game makes sense
  • #euro2012 Mario Balotelli is beginning to play like Carmelo Anthony, and that is no way to win a championship. How did Italy get this far?
  • #euro2012 no really, it’s beginning to look like older brother’s toying with their infant siblings, poor Italy
  • #euro2012 GOAL! Spain, again, forty one minutes in. The slow motion celebrations add to the awe
  • #euro2012 is there a soccer commentator equivalent of Walt Frazier? Nothing percolating?
  • #euro2012 Italy has not wilted after Spain’s first goal, scrappy like the Little Giants http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Giants except this is not a movie…
  • #euro2012 the tide has turned somewhat, not in Italy’s favor, neutralized is closer to the truth
  • #euro2012 are there simply more Spain players on the field than Italy players? Swore a fast break was on before Italy ran into a sea of Spain.
  • #euro2012 Spain has threatened to score more times than Italy has crossed midfield, their uniform colors aren’t helping, Italy looks like prey
  • #euro2012 Europeans define modern style by the cut of their suits, every professional soccer sideline is a fashion week ad
  • #euro2012 Americans wear glasses without lenses and checkerboard tweed blazers to impress at post game interviews… #questionable #flash
  • #euro2012 @espn reception is in and out, is this a result of viewership? Looking forward to the Nielsen numbers.
  • #euro2012 beautiful goal from Spain, their precise coordination pays off early #goal
  • #euro2012 Spain has been in complete control for the first thirteen minutes, Italy is sticking around looking to land an early hay maker
  • #euro2012 took two minutes for the first forearm to the ear, it’s okay because the commentators said so; no malice intended.
  • #euro2012 all sporting championships should lead with the players emerging from a tunnel separated by the trophy, great visual
  • #euro2012 @nytimessports front page featured Mario Balotelli of Italy, challenging the defending champions of Spain

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