The Dark Knight Rises Notes


  • Concession patron tried to sell me a medium sized popcorn, I asked if I looked like two people … *forever alone*
  • Despite my best efforts to elude a crowd for my viewing pleasure, there were more children in my theater than the average New York City classroom.
  • Previews were nothing special, Man of Steel teaser doesn’t lend itself to anticipation.
  • Main Attraction

  • In what amounts to be a serious drama, a flimsy woman physically overpowering trained brutes is as egregious as the Wilhelm scream.
  • See the gun fire, hear the gun fire, see a body lying on the ground; no blood besides facial paint, not sure if The Dark Knight Rises was PG or PG13.
  • The Dark Knight > The Dark Knight Rises
  • Inception > The Dark Knight Rises
  • The caped crusader illusion did not work for me this time around, the hype certainly didn’t help; Final score, one out of three somethings, very unfair of me.
  • Extracurricular

  • You know how I know Athiesm is trending? Whenever someone recites biblical verses on public transportation, everyone else groans.
  • If you’re a young lady about that money, then why are you vying so hard for the attention of guys skipping bus fare.

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