DNC 2012 Recap

Looking forward to the debates, please enjoy my notes.

    The Beginning

  • Having watched the #rnc on @cnn, perusing @foxnews coverage of the #dnc now; Hannity is immediately, unintelligibly smug #republican
  • Hearing @foxnews @hannityshow use the words, “Let me educate you…” is the definition of irony #dnc
  • #dnc @foxnews @hannityshow conversation: Guest says, *this and -* Hannity interrupts, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!
  • #dnc @foxnews commercials are presented in a large *picture in picture* format, advertisers pay for this? http://t.co/cSkL0Rc5
  • #dnc without airing speeches, the @hannityshow is about multiple people appearing poised while simultaneously speaking loudly, back to @cnn
  • #dnc to paraphrase Sandra Fluke’s speech, in six months, we will be led by a man who fights for women, or against women, now we choose which
  • #dnc @cnn correspondent blocks the aisle as she discusses Fire Marshall procedures ensuring clear aisles…
  • #dnc Elizabeth Warren turned me off the instant she snapped to quiet her adoring crowd, Massachusetts must be full of masochists
  • #dnc WAIT, HOLD THE FUCK ON! Why was he introduced as PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON? That’s some fucked up shit from the home team #fb
  • #dnc I want Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States of America? Why are you making me critical of you Bill Clinton?
  • #dnc is Bill Clinton running for office?
  • #dnc SWEAR the crowd just chanted *FOUR MORE YEARS* at Bill Clinton … for Bill Clinton.
  • #dnc teleprompter keeps pausing as Bill Clinton keeps speaking extemporaneously … used a large word in a tweet @redstripe Hooray Beer!
  • #dnc that excessively LONG shot of that eagerly gazing woman even made her feel uncomfortable; she was eight when Clinton was President
  • #dnc keys to Clinton charm, thanks everyone, thanks his opponent, promotes cooperation, compliments wives, cites facts, shares beliefs, …
  • #dnc okay, okay, key to Clinton charm is simple, be Bill Clinton.
  • #dnc Bill Clinton just looked at the teleprompter for a second with a confused look, those words aren’t better than these words
  • #dnc Bill Clinton addressed the #gop #rnc attacks, the elections are over; call your bookie, bet your iPhone 5 money on @barackobama
  • #dnc election season speech rankings so far: Bill Clinton > Ted Strickland > Mitt Romney > Michelle Obama > Deval Patrick > Clint Eastwood
  • #dnc how can Bill Clinton irritate you? He rubbed me the wrong way to start, and now he’s convinced me to look forward to gray hair
  • #dnc if you want things that good people would ideally want, then you must vote @barackobama! – Bill Clinton
  • #dnc if ALIENS came to earth and asked for it’s leader, even Russia and China would turn to Bill Clinton for representation
  • #dnc heard Bill Clinton and @barackobama weren’t exactly friends, their awkward embrace confirms as much, and yet … the #RESPECT
  • #dnc someone mentioned as much and confirmed my initial arousal, that speech turned me on…
  • #dnc @barackobama needs Bill #Clinton to pull him over the finish line, and Bill #Clinton needs to be needed #arithmetic
  • The End

  • #dnc @cnn referencing 2008 election information while discussing @barackobama’s current ratings, and @mittromney http://t.co/dHRKThFt
  • Choosing substance over style, politics over fashion, #DNC over @fnonyc; enjoy the entertainment, I’ll deliver the information #fb
  • #dnc @marcanthony sang an original rendition of the American anthem, is a God in his native land, was married to @jlo, is about that life.
  • #dnc Jill Biden has been a full-time English professor at a Community College for thirty years, including the last four #professional
  • #rnc neglected to mention military veterans, #dnc over compensated
  • #dnc Joe Biden describes his wife as the love of his life and the life of his love, like the antithesis of #vma2012 female misogyny #fb
  • #dnc listening to Joe Biden boils down to anticipating gaffes, this speech places somewhere between Deval Patrick and Clint Eastwood
  • #dnc Joe Biden just tried calming a calm crowd
  • #dnc Osama Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive @joebiden @barackobama
  • #dnc ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now than he was four years ago @johnkerry #late #quote
  • #dnc gambling references continue, who are these people betting against America? Where can we wager on what? @joebiden
  • #dnc Malia and Sasha Obama have to go to school in the morning, on a Friday, after missing #FNO @fnonyc #vma2012 #scholars
  • #dnc would love if more women dressed their daughters like the Obama girls than #vma2012 wayward sex symbols #personal #thoughts #fb
  • #dnc @barackobama never pretended the path was quick or easy; you didn’t elect me to tell you what you want to hear, you wanted the truth
  • People won’t realize this is history until they’re helping their grand children with their homework and see @barackobama #dnc @derrickjaxn
  • Republican prescription: take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call us in the morning #dnc @barackobama @nuevoestilo
  • #dnc we’re not moving backwards, we’re moving #forward2012, that’s why I’m running for re-election @barackobama
  • #dnc ten years ago I promised to end the war in Iraq, we did. More promises, we have.You sit, you stand. You applaud, I pose @barackobama
  • #dnc @barackobama just channeled his inner Bill Clinton, no party has a monopoly on wisdom #compromise #arithmetic
  • #dnc @barackobama will never turn Medicare into a voucher, reviving the fire and resolve of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • #dnc did you see the Arab American Democrat? She held a sign, it read *Arab American Democrat* and said #VOLUMES
  • #dnc @barackobama ! > ? @mittromney #easy #simple #obvious
  • #dnc @barackobama could lead Moses with that flurry at the end #forward2012
  • #dnc final election season speech rankings @barackobama / Bill Clinton > Ted Strickland > Mitt Romney > Michelle Obama > … > Eastwood
  • #dnc @barackobama clearly took advantage of closing convention season, answered all attacks, and left #rnc in doubt

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