#Sherlock #Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller acting like Robert Downey Junior acting as Sherlock Holmes, we’re watching the pilot episode of Elementary on CBS; having already read most every Sherlock story to date, let the complaints begin…

  • Tiny Lucy Liu uncomfortably jogging #ouch #knees #cringe the series begins with fraudulent athleticism; take note of the *being something you’re not* omen.
  • We’re supposed to believe this gentleman is a junkie from *junkie jail* due to alcohol abuse? For children much?
  • Lucy Liu’s phone rang, deep within a 42nd Street subway station, none of the cast or crew lives in New York? #unnecessary
  • Trying not to hate the main character, because he’s supposed to be this annoying, Watson on the other hand #ugh
  • For the love of monologues, if a woman’s name is Paula James, do you call her James or Paul? #stupid
  • If the mailman saw the body through the window, why did we walk through a room AND hallway to see it on camera?
  • While Dr. Gregory House would’ve appreciated that puzzle, please #cancel this show nonetheless, thank you.

There may be hope for this franchise elsewhere, all indications point towards a superior BBC product…


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