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Final Presidential Debate 2012 Notes

This one was a toss up due to Mitt Romney’s strategy of prudent bipartisanship, he couldn’t fall far behind by maintaining a relatively close link to his opponent’s successes – this tactic worked so well that it will now be abused to no end. Voters from either camp will feel reaffirmed by their candidate, undecided voters remain undecided; President Barack Obama maintains his lead in the polls. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event, provided in chronicle order, besides an immediate reference to Romney’s Opinion Editorial referenced for fact checking his disdain for Detroit:

  • #READ 2008 @mittromney Op-Ed in question, titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”
  • #Libya @mittromney complimented @barackobama while discussing the need for new comprehensive military strategies #irony
  • #Libya @mittromney: my strategy is to get the Muslim world to reject extremism on its own, we don’t want another Iraq
  • @mittromney: … in the last few years we’ve watched this rising tide of tumult in the Middle East, we want to see progress
  • @barackobama: I’m glad you recognize Al Qaeda is a threat now since you thought it was #Russia a month ago, the Cold War is over
  • @barackobama: Every time you’ve offered an opinion on foreign policy you’ve been wrong, not that you have any experience there
  • @mittromney: Attacking me is not discussing a way forward, and please stop interrupting me with my own quotes, I do not concur!
  • @barackobama takes control with bullet point lists and the authority of a presidency in action, @mittromney nods in the background
  • @barackobama: I am confident that Assad’s days are numbered, what we cannot do is turn gun ho in the region as @mittromney suggests
  • @barackobama: Imagine we pulled out of #Libya when @mittromney suggested as much, we must maintain a leadership role in the area
  • @mittromney: I don’t want our military involved in #Syria, we should arm carefully vetted foreign organizations on our behalf
  • @barackobama appears strong and assertive, @mittromney appears bored and disjointed, he may be battling indigestion
  • @barackobama rambled a bit discussing #Egypt, discussing domestic educational policies in response to Mubarak was noticed
  • @mittromney just returned the tangent by promoting world peace through a strong economy
  • @mittromney: We need a strong military, then let me somehow segue into validating our current military as second to none
  • @barackobama: the world needs a strong America, and America is stronger than when I came into office
  • @barackobama: @mittromney has praised George Bush and Dick Cheney as economical stewards
  • @mittromney: Fuel independency, trade with Latin America, more training programs, a balanced budget, and championing small business
  • @barackobama has outright attacked @mittromney at every turn, this is the reverse of the first debate except #Romney is awake
  • Bob Schieffer: Where will you get the military money @mittromney? You’re welcome to look through our proposition on our web site
  • @barackobama: we spend more on our military more than the next two countries combined, @mittromney’s math doesn’t work
  • @mittromney just snapped at Bob Schieffer, his anxiety is becoming palpable as this loss grows on him
  • @barackobama: this isn’t a game of battleship @mittromney, our strength lays in our military capability and veterans
  • @mittromney: I would like to echo the sentiments of @barackobama, I support #Israel, and stand against a nuclear capable #Iran
  • @mittromney’s plan tonight appears to be prudently agreeable with @barackobama, and gracefully disregard attacks
  • @barackobama is the aggressor tonight, with or without volume, he has established himself as the alpha male at the table
  • @mittromney: #Iran noticed when @barackobama said we will put daylight between ourselves and #Israel
  • @mittromney: #Iran must not develop nuclear capabilities, we need tighter sanctions despite our tightest sanctions in history
  • @mittromney: We’re four years closer to a nuclear #Iran, we’re four years closer to a nuclear #Iran, did I say that already?
  • @mittromney just turned the tide and accused @barackobama of disregarding #Israel the ally and apologetic to #Iran the enemy
  • @mittromney has buckled down in the second half and noticeably begun to stare down @barackobama’s replies, tale of two halves
  • @barackobama: @mittromney said we shouldn’t need to move heaven and earth to search for one man, then I killed Osama Bin Laden
  • @mittromney: Bob, you can’t let @barackobama drawl on like that. Bob: You have as well sir. #Romney: You’re probably right.
  • *Binders Full of Women* took eight minutes, *Horses and Bayonets* took six minutes to reach @tumblr
  • If a #Republican killed Bin Laden, Qaddafi, and brought the Dow back to 12,000 in four years, then he’d already be on Mount Rushmore
  • #drones @mittromney: I feel @barackobama is right using this technology to go after threats
  • We’ve confirmed the #mittromney strategy for the evening: agree with @barackobama where prudent and suggest it isn’t enough
  • @barackobama is noticeably countering the @mittromney strategy on the fly by stressing his administration over attacks now
  • #future #threats @barackobama: We have to remain vigilant against terrorists and insist that #China plays by the rules
  • @barackobama: … @mittromney criticized me for being too tough, in other words, stop liesurely agreeing with my brilliance
  • #threats @mittromney: @barackobama forgot to mention a nuclear #Iran as our greatest threat going forward #truth
  • @mittromney: #China is counterfeiting our goods, stealing our intellectual property, manipulating our currency, etc. #trade #war
  • @mittromney: I want a great relationship with #China despite everything I have already said and continue to say
  • @barackobama: American exports have doubled to #China since I’ve been in office, and we must continue to thrive there
  • @barackobama: #Detroit doesn’t forget @mittromney, check the Op-Ed piece, you keep trying to airbrush history
  • @barackobama: Bringing down our deficit by adding military spending money our military isn’t requesting will not make us more competitive
  • @barackobama: what we can’t do is go back to policies that brought us here in the first place, #progress moves #forward
  • @mittromney: @barackobama said he would have unemployment down to 5.4% by now #fact #reminder
  • @mittromney: I love teachers. Bob Schieffer: I think we all love teachers.
  • #close @barackobama: I will work every single day to make sure America continues to be the greatest nation on Earth
  • #close @mittromney: I want to see growing peace in this country and pledge to maintain America as the hope of the Earth
  • #close Bob Schieffer: Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong!

Presidential Debate 2012 P2 Notes

The Democrats entered the debates with a sizeable lead following the conventions, lost the first debate due to a subdued President Barack Obama, then Vice President Joe Biden did his part to right the ship; tonight, President Barack Obama mangled all memories of already diminishing Republican momentum. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event:

  • Watching the Presidential #debates on @cspan tonight at @nwc @nightours, syndicated shortly thereafter –
  • Candy Crowley, @cnn Chief Political Correspondent, will be our moderator for the evening; enter @barackobama and @mittromney
  • @mittromney: Let the thank yous begin, thank you everyone
  • @barackobama doesn’t have a podium to stare into, he brought the eye contact and heard motion is emotion #points #waves #awake
  • #work @mittromney: We have fewer people working today than we did when @barackobama took office #republican #motto
  • @barackobama strikes back, @mittromney’s five point plan is more like a one point plan #arithmetic
  • #energy @barackobama: We’re using more natural resources than ever before and investing in more renewable sources
  • #energy @mittromney: Save legacy sources, permit more digging, more pipelines, more oil rigging!
  • #energy @barackobama: Your allegations are just not true Governor @mittromney
  • #energy @mittromney: The proof of his efficient policy is at the pump, gas was less than $2 before @barackobama, $4 now
  • #energy @mittromney: Please let me speak Candy, @barackobama went first. Candy: That’s not how this works
  • #tax @mittromney: A recent study that I will not cite has shown @barackobama has buried the middle class for the last four years
  • #tax @barackobama: I said I would cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses, and I did
  • #tax @barackobama: I will increase taxes on anyone earning over $250,000 #simple @mittromney #cringe
  • #tax Candy: @mittromney, I’m sure you have a reply there *laugh*
  • #tax @mittromney just tried counting his five points with his fingers and lost track between the #rhetoric
  • #tax @barackobama: No, it’s not settled, @mittromney is trying to add $8 trillion in spending without adding to the deficit #arithmetic
  • #tax @barackobama: We haven’t heard any specifics from @mittromney about managing the deficit besides cutting Big Bird
  • @mittromney: Of course 20% #tax cuts across the board works, let me divert from your question to question @barackobama’s history
  • @mittromney looks #broken, and that was before #women became a topic – @barackobama #win
  • #women @barackobama: I was raised by a single woman who hit the glass ceiling, earned less than her male contemporaries
  • #women @barackobama: One of the first bills I signed in office guaranteed equal pay for equal work – #hallmark of my administration
  • #women @mittromney: Great topic, this is something I recently learned about; we just went out looking for women with backbones
  • #women @mittromney: We’re going to have an economy so eager to hire workers that they’ll even hire women #QUOTE
  • #women @mittromney: I know what it takes to make an economy work with a binder full of women, a BINDER FULL!
  • #women someone already bought #technologists and #politics are #awesome
  • #women @barackobama: These are not just women’s issues, these are family issues; the economy works better with equal opportunities
  • #women first time @mittromney didn’t express frustration with @barackobama getting the last word
  • @mittromney: Despite my historical position, I do not believe bureaucrats should tell #women what to do
  • #bush @barackobama: @mittromney invests in Chinese companies, he’s the last person to get tough on #China
  • @barackobama: #Bush didn’t call for self deportation, or want to cut Planned Parenthood, he was far less extreme than @mittromney
  • @barackobama: Despite what I’ve done, does that mean you’re not struggling? Absolutely not, let me reiterate my plan #forward
  • @mittromney: Despite his accomplishments, @barackobama is unable to keep his word – unemployment has not been reduced
  • @mittromney: @barackobama’s policies have not helped, check the record, do I have a better example? Yes, Reagan’s administration.
  • #immigration @mittromney: Lorraine was your name? Lorraine, get in my binder
  • #immigration @barackobama: We made the system simpler, easier, and cheaper for people who wanted to contribute to our country
  • #immigration @barackobama: @mittromney said, he would veto the Dream Act, promoted self deportation, and heralded Arizona profiling
  • #immigration @mittromney: Why didn’t @barackobama pass the Dream Act four years ago? Let’s make this an issue despite the Dream Act
  • #immigration @mittromney: Let me get a chance to address something else @barackobama said much earlier tonight…
  • @mittromney: I’m in favor of deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes – #ows can expect mass Wall Street evacuations
  • @barackobama: Secretary Clinton has done an excellent job, but she works for me, I’m the President #responsibility
  • @barackobama: @mittromney’s insinuation, that we played politics when we lost four of our own, offends me
  • #Libya @mittromney: *stutter stutter* @barackobama didn’t … Candy: Yes, yes he did #moderate #fact #check
  • #weapons @mikebloomberg is egregiously smiling somewhere, if only she asked specifically about #handguns
  • @mikebloomberg just ejaculated at @barackobama’s mere mention of #handguns
  • @mittromney: See the Fast and Furious program from @barackobama’s administration, about which we know very little #fact
  • @mittromney: About weapons, young people need mothers and fathers; like the #aurora and #columbine shooters
  • @barackobama: About guns, #education is important because it will help grow our economy for young people …
  • @mittromney: Who cares about the AK-47%? #pun
  • @mittromney: @paulryanvp was clear about fucking #Russia, let’s add #China to that list, and use the word #terrorist
  • @barackobama: Low wage / skill jobs are not coming back, we want high wage / skill jobs, that’s why we must invest in #education
  • @mittromney: I care about 100% of the people despite what I was secretly recorded saying when I didn’t think you’d hear
  • @mittromney: Government does not create jobs. Candy! Wait, let me interrupt, government does not create jobs
  • @barackobama: … this is how we built the world’s greatest middle class; sorry, you’ve met our upper class @mittromney
  • @barackobama: @mittromney loves his family, they depend on his own personal handouts instead of the government’s

WNBA 2012 Finals Prediction

Basketball is basketball, let’s get the macho egos out of the way, place bets on Bill Simmons’ growing daughter’s influence prevailing over his historically harsh WNBA criticisms; especially in lieu of his athletic prowess, because professional women at least produce a better product than unprofessional men – pay attention to the walkers in your local full court pickup game. What separates NBA superstars from their contemporaries are their innate abilities to trancend their peers, we revel in Jordan’s ability to withhold a championship from Barkley and Malone, Shaq and Duncan fending off Webber and Ming; the WNBA, even still in it’s infancy, already has a shortlist of royalty to equally revere: Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoopes, Tina Thompson, Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Katie Smith, Lauren Jackson, Deanna Nolan, and the latest thriving legend cementing her legacy, Seimone Augustus.

The Indiana Fever are mired in Conference Championships, Tamika Catchings has conquered every unpromised land, Katie Douglas is a perpetual legend in the making, this franchise as a whole is poised to duplicate the penultimate success of the Atlanta Dream, New York Liberty, Buffalo Bills, Utah Jazz, and every other organization good enough to repeatedly lose to the best on the largest stage. It wasn’t supposed to come to this, the Atlanta Dream should have taken care of business, instead Angel McCoughtry relinquished her place among the penultimate greats with a swift first round exit. The Connecticut Sun were the clear favorites from Day One, the slain Tina Charles is the upset of this postseason, this cannot be understated.

The Minnesota Lynx, last year’s Champion, exploded from the regular season gates with a record ten consecutive wins, and left a single win away from tying the record for most wins in a regular season; this is the team that made Candace Parker cry, this is the team the Indiana Fever get to watch celebrate. Their captain, Seimone Augustus is everything Chamique Holdsclaw was supposed to be, and that’s magic. Maya Moore will be the heir apparent, that or exposed as Seimone’s Pippen. Add Lindsey Whalen and Rebekkah Brunson to round out a championship nucleus, and congratulations Minnesota Lynx, the 2012 WNBA Champions!

Basketball is basketball, and all the same, I look forward to discussing the Lingerie Basketball League whenever the quality of play increases to the level of the Lingerie Football League.

Honorable Mentions: As unfathomable as it sounds, Sofia Young needs front court help to realize her full potential, not more Becky Hammon. Alana Beard, please accept my best wishes going forward, as good as your situation is, the list of contenders is severely limited… Bonner, Dupree, Taurasi, and GRINER? That’s ridiculous.

… lastly, Bill Simmons again, losing a game of HORSE to Yi Jianlian’s chair:

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Notes

For clarity, it’s my position that Joe Biden won this round hands down for reasons published live to @twitter during the event:

  • @joebiden seems to be having a good time getting trounced early, at least he’s more pro-active than @barackobama was during his drubbing.
  • @joebiden’s strategy appears to ensure we do not forget that @barackobama executed his military promises #fact
  • @paulryanvp’s strategy appears to incite a war against the Middle East while simultaneously citing peace and democracy
  • @joebiden: they don’t have a weapon to put uranium in to, #Iran is more secluded than when we took office, #facts matter
  • @paulryanvp: #Iran is more secluded due to our sanctions despite the @barackobama administration, we need to change the Ayatollah’s mind #war
  • @joebiden: we can get unemployment to under 6%, I don’t know how long it will take, let’s look at the #facts…
  • Listen @joebiden, as much as I enjoy the #facts, you’re arguing before Americans, they need to feel better, not know better #win
  • @paulryanvp: did they inherit a bad situation? Yes, but we’re going in the wrong direction, this is not what a recovery looks like
  • @paulryanvp: here’s a story about @mittromney’s charitable givings to answer how long it will take unemployment to dip below 6%…
  • @paulryanvp: @barackobama’s stimulus plan was terrible, and yet, we requested money from said plan, thanks @joebiden
  • @joebiden: @AmerMedicalAssn and @AARP supported #ObamaCare, seniors enjoy more benefits than they did, all without a voucher system
  • Martha Raddatz is doing a stellar job, @joebiden vs. @paulryanvp is everything @barackobama vs. @mittromney should have been
  • @joebiden: is @paulryanvp upset we’re not sending more Americans into the worst part of #Afghanistan? We’re sending more Afghans!
  • #Syria @joebiden: please notice @paulryanvp never answers the question, pay attention as I reiterate a real answer
  • Martha: what would @paulryanvp do in #Syria? We’d work w/ the freedom fighters, not call Assad a reformer, and fuck #Russia
  • Martha Raddatz is trolling @paulryanvp, this beating is worse than the one @mittromney doled out to @barackobama; #debates knotted up
  • #religion @paulryanvp: As a Catholic, @barackobama and #ObamaCare is infringing upon our first freedom.
  • @joebiden: As a Catholic, I refuse to impose my beliefs on others #respect
  • No mention of #nationalcomingoutday #omission #malarkey
  • @paulryanvp: if you don’t have a record to run on, then paint your opponent as someone to run from, did I say that already? Thrice
  • @paulryanvp between the eye batting, water sipping, Forrest Gump smile, #stories, and purple striped red tie #Fail
  • @paulryanvp would likely take @joebiden in a fist fight, and yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost; or saw Beau Biden, and left
  • Two minutes into @cnn post analysis, this is despicable; @joebiden acted like @mittromney, why evisceration instead of praise now?

Presidential Debate 2012 P1 Notes

Listening to @cnn after the debate exemplifies why we have to watch the debates for ourselves, this is misdirection misrepresented as analysis for the layman. For clarity, it’s my position that Mitt Romney won this round hands down, Barack Obama committed to a dignified, though failed plan. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event:

  • Late, and we’re live tweeting the #presidentialdebate, to be syndicated on @tumblr; and we’re off with guest correspondent @mariamishka #fb
  • The compliments begin, excessively sentimental early, happy anniversary @barackobama and @michelleobama
  • @mittromney stays looking presidential, whoever did his makeup did a good job
  • @mittromney’s lack of filler language is noticeable next to @barackobama, although he’s crushing the word #CRUSHED
  • @mittromney the rich will do well no matter who the President is, however @barackobama has #crushed the middle class
  • Chose the WRONG people to watch the #presidentialdebate with #headphones
  • @mittromney is winning if you can’t hear what’s being said, @barackobama on one leg with a smaller flag lapel is not working
  • @barackobama if we lower taxes and multiply the military budget, who shoulders that burden @mittromney?
  • @mittromney is becoming petulant, he’s gone overboard with the retorts and painted @barackobama as the bigger man
  • @mittromney’s test to eliminate programs: is it worth borrowing money from China to fund? There goes Obamacare.
  • @barackobama looks to the crowd when he speaks, while @mittromney looks at the President
  • @mittromney you’ve said before that you’d cut the deficit in half, except we still owe a #trillion dollars #fact
  • @mittromney we don’t want to go down the path of Spain, they’re terrible #international #policy
  • @barackobama if you’ve got a corporate jet, you can probably afford to pay full freight – @mittromney #shivers
  • @barackobama right now, you can actually take a tax deduction for moving a job overseas – @mittromney #shivers
  • @barackobama’s recipe for growth PROMINENTLY involves education, while @mittromney hasn’t mentioned as much at all
  • Jim Lehrer: do you support the #medicare voucher system @mittromney? #Romney: *Everything except a firm yes or no*
  • @mittromney and @barackobama both referenced Bill Clinton in their favor, didn’t #Clinton himself clear this up? #democrat #arithmetic
  • @mittromney WAS winning while @barackobama looked defensively tired and meek #possum?
  • @mittromney sabotaged himself: too pushy, cutting off @barackobama and the moderator, and being the spoiled brat we know he is.
  • Jim Lehrer: Your time is up sir. @barackobama: I had time left before @mittromney interrupted me.
  • it’s fair to say @barackobama advisers said, “Don’t attack, it’s not Presidential.” #rope @mittromney #dope
  • @mittromney’s disgusted facial expression is disgusting, @barackobama’s tangent parables earned it though; #freedom #rhetoric?
  • @mittromney foodstamp recipients increased, graduates can’t find work, @barackobama’s policies are not working #fact
  • Jim Lehrer just wasted thirty seconds explaining there are three minutes left
  • @mittromney closed with an avalanche of #rhetoric, @barackobama earned the first light hearted crowd reaction in turn
  • Can we the people witness the coin tosses next round? #gamble
  • @cnn just fact checked @mittromney’s #factual tax cut proposition against a #promise, and proved @barackobama false?! #SKEWED

Running in the Rain

Steady rain bombarded my bare torso circling the 5k Prospect Park loop on this October 2, 2012. Pedestrian conditions preceded the striking downpour to come after the first kilometer. My feet, wrapped in Vibram branded toe socks with thin soles, repeatedly struck pavement, puddles, leaves, twigs, nuts, nature. An empty stomach, without enough sleep, enduring a mild abdominal cramp, all good reasons to shut it down; and yet, we find the strength to pummel all comers on the uphill, and the speed to leave late threats behind on the downhill.

Strength and speed fade with time, what survives, if anything, will be the resolve we nurture now. Running against the rain, proven by the steam rising from our pores as we stand tall thereafter, the elements cry out exhausted, until we meet again.