Presidential Debate 2012 P1 Notes

Listening to @cnn after the debate exemplifies why we have to watch the debates for ourselves, this is misdirection misrepresented as analysis for the layman. For clarity, it’s my position that Mitt Romney won this round hands down, Barack Obama committed to a dignified, though failed plan. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event:

  • Late, and we’re live tweeting the #presidentialdebate, to be syndicated on @tumblr; and we’re off with guest correspondent @mariamishka #fb
  • The compliments begin, excessively sentimental early, happy anniversary @barackobama and @michelleobama
  • @mittromney stays looking presidential, whoever did his makeup did a good job
  • @mittromney’s lack of filler language is noticeable next to @barackobama, although he’s crushing the word #CRUSHED
  • @mittromney the rich will do well no matter who the President is, however @barackobama has #crushed the middle class
  • Chose the WRONG people to watch the #presidentialdebate with #headphones
  • @mittromney is winning if you can’t hear what’s being said, @barackobama on one leg with a smaller flag lapel is not working
  • @barackobama if we lower taxes and multiply the military budget, who shoulders that burden @mittromney?
  • @mittromney is becoming petulant, he’s gone overboard with the retorts and painted @barackobama as the bigger man
  • @mittromney’s test to eliminate programs: is it worth borrowing money from China to fund? There goes Obamacare.
  • @barackobama looks to the crowd when he speaks, while @mittromney looks at the President
  • @mittromney you’ve said before that you’d cut the deficit in half, except we still owe a #trillion dollars #fact
  • @mittromney we don’t want to go down the path of Spain, they’re terrible #international #policy
  • @barackobama if you’ve got a corporate jet, you can probably afford to pay full freight – @mittromney #shivers
  • @barackobama right now, you can actually take a tax deduction for moving a job overseas – @mittromney #shivers
  • @barackobama’s recipe for growth PROMINENTLY involves education, while @mittromney hasn’t mentioned as much at all
  • Jim Lehrer: do you support the #medicare voucher system @mittromney? #Romney: *Everything except a firm yes or no*
  • @mittromney and @barackobama both referenced Bill Clinton in their favor, didn’t #Clinton himself clear this up? #democrat #arithmetic
  • @mittromney WAS winning while @barackobama looked defensively tired and meek #possum?
  • @mittromney sabotaged himself: too pushy, cutting off @barackobama and the moderator, and being the spoiled brat we know he is.
  • Jim Lehrer: Your time is up sir. @barackobama: I had time left before @mittromney interrupted me.
  • it’s fair to say @barackobama advisers said, “Don’t attack, it’s not Presidential.” #rope @mittromney #dope
  • @mittromney’s disgusted facial expression is disgusting, @barackobama’s tangent parables earned it though; #freedom #rhetoric?
  • @mittromney foodstamp recipients increased, graduates can’t find work, @barackobama’s policies are not working #fact
  • Jim Lehrer just wasted thirty seconds explaining there are three minutes left
  • @mittromney closed with an avalanche of #rhetoric, @barackobama earned the first light hearted crowd reaction in turn
  • Can we the people witness the coin tosses next round? #gamble
  • @cnn just fact checked @mittromney’s #factual tax cut proposition against a #promise, and proved @barackobama false?! #SKEWED

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