Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Notes

For clarity, it’s my position that Joe Biden won this round hands down for reasons published live to @twitter during the event:

  • @joebiden seems to be having a good time getting trounced early, at least he’s more pro-active than @barackobama was during his drubbing.
  • @joebiden’s strategy appears to ensure we do not forget that @barackobama executed his military promises #fact
  • @paulryanvp’s strategy appears to incite a war against the Middle East while simultaneously citing peace and democracy
  • @joebiden: they don’t have a weapon to put uranium in to, #Iran is more secluded than when we took office, #facts matter
  • @paulryanvp: #Iran is more secluded due to our sanctions despite the @barackobama administration, we need to change the Ayatollah’s mind #war
  • @joebiden: we can get unemployment to under 6%, I don’t know how long it will take, let’s look at the #facts…
  • Listen @joebiden, as much as I enjoy the #facts, you’re arguing before Americans, they need to feel better, not know better #win
  • @paulryanvp: did they inherit a bad situation? Yes, but we’re going in the wrong direction, this is not what a recovery looks like
  • @paulryanvp: here’s a story about @mittromney’s charitable givings to answer how long it will take unemployment to dip below 6%…
  • @paulryanvp: @barackobama’s stimulus plan was terrible, and yet, we requested money from said plan, thanks @joebiden
  • @joebiden: @AmerMedicalAssn and @AARP supported #ObamaCare, seniors enjoy more benefits than they did, all without a voucher system
  • Martha Raddatz is doing a stellar job, @joebiden vs. @paulryanvp is everything @barackobama vs. @mittromney should have been
  • @joebiden: is @paulryanvp upset we’re not sending more Americans into the worst part of #Afghanistan? We’re sending more Afghans!
  • #Syria @joebiden: please notice @paulryanvp never answers the question, pay attention as I reiterate a real answer
  • Martha: what would @paulryanvp do in #Syria? We’d work w/ the freedom fighters, not call Assad a reformer, and fuck #Russia
  • Martha Raddatz is trolling @paulryanvp, this beating is worse than the one @mittromney doled out to @barackobama; #debates knotted up
  • #religion @paulryanvp: As a Catholic, @barackobama and #ObamaCare is infringing upon our first freedom.
  • @joebiden: As a Catholic, I refuse to impose my beliefs on others #respect
  • No mention of #nationalcomingoutday #omission #malarkey
  • @paulryanvp: if you don’t have a record to run on, then paint your opponent as someone to run from, did I say that already? Thrice
  • @paulryanvp between the eye batting, water sipping, Forrest Gump smile, #stories, and purple striped red tie #Fail
  • @paulryanvp would likely take @joebiden in a fist fight, and yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost; or saw Beau Biden, and left
  • Two minutes into @cnn post analysis, this is despicable; @joebiden acted like @mittromney, why evisceration instead of praise now?

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