Presidential Debate 2012 P2 Notes

The Democrats entered the debates with a sizeable lead following the conventions, lost the first debate due to a subdued President Barack Obama, then Vice President Joe Biden did his part to right the ship; tonight, President Barack Obama mangled all memories of already diminishing Republican momentum. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event:

  • Watching the Presidential #debates on @cspan tonight at @nwc @nightours, syndicated shortly thereafter –
  • Candy Crowley, @cnn Chief Political Correspondent, will be our moderator for the evening; enter @barackobama and @mittromney
  • @mittromney: Let the thank yous begin, thank you everyone
  • @barackobama doesn’t have a podium to stare into, he brought the eye contact and heard motion is emotion #points #waves #awake
  • #work @mittromney: We have fewer people working today than we did when @barackobama took office #republican #motto
  • @barackobama strikes back, @mittromney’s five point plan is more like a one point plan #arithmetic
  • #energy @barackobama: We’re using more natural resources than ever before and investing in more renewable sources
  • #energy @mittromney: Save legacy sources, permit more digging, more pipelines, more oil rigging!
  • #energy @barackobama: Your allegations are just not true Governor @mittromney
  • #energy @mittromney: The proof of his efficient policy is at the pump, gas was less than $2 before @barackobama, $4 now
  • #energy @mittromney: Please let me speak Candy, @barackobama went first. Candy: That’s not how this works
  • #tax @mittromney: A recent study that I will not cite has shown @barackobama has buried the middle class for the last four years
  • #tax @barackobama: I said I would cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses, and I did
  • #tax @barackobama: I will increase taxes on anyone earning over $250,000 #simple @mittromney #cringe
  • #tax Candy: @mittromney, I’m sure you have a reply there *laugh*
  • #tax @mittromney just tried counting his five points with his fingers and lost track between the #rhetoric
  • #tax @barackobama: No, it’s not settled, @mittromney is trying to add $8 trillion in spending without adding to the deficit #arithmetic
  • #tax @barackobama: We haven’t heard any specifics from @mittromney about managing the deficit besides cutting Big Bird
  • @mittromney: Of course 20% #tax cuts across the board works, let me divert from your question to question @barackobama’s history
  • @mittromney looks #broken, and that was before #women became a topic – @barackobama #win
  • #women @barackobama: I was raised by a single woman who hit the glass ceiling, earned less than her male contemporaries
  • #women @barackobama: One of the first bills I signed in office guaranteed equal pay for equal work – #hallmark of my administration
  • #women @mittromney: Great topic, this is something I recently learned about; we just went out looking for women with backbones
  • #women @mittromney: We’re going to have an economy so eager to hire workers that they’ll even hire women #QUOTE
  • #women @mittromney: I know what it takes to make an economy work with a binder full of women, a BINDER FULL!
  • #women someone already bought #technologists and #politics are #awesome
  • #women @barackobama: These are not just women’s issues, these are family issues; the economy works better with equal opportunities
  • #women first time @mittromney didn’t express frustration with @barackobama getting the last word
  • @mittromney: Despite my historical position, I do not believe bureaucrats should tell #women what to do
  • #bush @barackobama: @mittromney invests in Chinese companies, he’s the last person to get tough on #China
  • @barackobama: #Bush didn’t call for self deportation, or want to cut Planned Parenthood, he was far less extreme than @mittromney
  • @barackobama: Despite what I’ve done, does that mean you’re not struggling? Absolutely not, let me reiterate my plan #forward
  • @mittromney: Despite his accomplishments, @barackobama is unable to keep his word – unemployment has not been reduced
  • @mittromney: @barackobama’s policies have not helped, check the record, do I have a better example? Yes, Reagan’s administration.
  • #immigration @mittromney: Lorraine was your name? Lorraine, get in my binder
  • #immigration @barackobama: We made the system simpler, easier, and cheaper for people who wanted to contribute to our country
  • #immigration @barackobama: @mittromney said, he would veto the Dream Act, promoted self deportation, and heralded Arizona profiling
  • #immigration @mittromney: Why didn’t @barackobama pass the Dream Act four years ago? Let’s make this an issue despite the Dream Act
  • #immigration @mittromney: Let me get a chance to address something else @barackobama said much earlier tonight…
  • @mittromney: I’m in favor of deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes – #ows can expect mass Wall Street evacuations
  • @barackobama: Secretary Clinton has done an excellent job, but she works for me, I’m the President #responsibility
  • @barackobama: @mittromney’s insinuation, that we played politics when we lost four of our own, offends me
  • #Libya @mittromney: *stutter stutter* @barackobama didn’t … Candy: Yes, yes he did #moderate #fact #check
  • #weapons @mikebloomberg is egregiously smiling somewhere, if only she asked specifically about #handguns
  • @mikebloomberg just ejaculated at @barackobama’s mere mention of #handguns
  • @mittromney: See the Fast and Furious program from @barackobama’s administration, about which we know very little #fact
  • @mittromney: About weapons, young people need mothers and fathers; like the #aurora and #columbine shooters
  • @barackobama: About guns, #education is important because it will help grow our economy for young people …
  • @mittromney: Who cares about the AK-47%? #pun
  • @mittromney: @paulryanvp was clear about fucking #Russia, let’s add #China to that list, and use the word #terrorist
  • @barackobama: Low wage / skill jobs are not coming back, we want high wage / skill jobs, that’s why we must invest in #education
  • @mittromney: I care about 100% of the people despite what I was secretly recorded saying when I didn’t think you’d hear
  • @mittromney: Government does not create jobs. Candy! Wait, let me interrupt, government does not create jobs
  • @barackobama: … this is how we built the world’s greatest middle class; sorry, you’ve met our upper class @mittromney
  • @barackobama: @mittromney loves his family, they depend on his own personal handouts instead of the government’s

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