Final Presidential Debate 2012 Notes

This one was a toss up due to Mitt Romney’s strategy of prudent bipartisanship, he couldn’t fall far behind by maintaining a relatively close link to his opponent’s successes – this tactic worked so well that it will now be abused to no end. Voters from either camp will feel reaffirmed by their candidate, undecided voters remain undecided; President Barack Obama maintains his lead in the polls. Below are my thoughts published live to @twitter during the event, provided in chronicle order, besides an immediate reference to Romney’s Opinion Editorial referenced for fact checking his disdain for Detroit:

  • #READ 2008 @mittromney Op-Ed in question, titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”
  • #Libya @mittromney complimented @barackobama while discussing the need for new comprehensive military strategies #irony
  • #Libya @mittromney: my strategy is to get the Muslim world to reject extremism on its own, we don’t want another Iraq
  • @mittromney: … in the last few years we’ve watched this rising tide of tumult in the Middle East, we want to see progress
  • @barackobama: I’m glad you recognize Al Qaeda is a threat now since you thought it was #Russia a month ago, the Cold War is over
  • @barackobama: Every time you’ve offered an opinion on foreign policy you’ve been wrong, not that you have any experience there
  • @mittromney: Attacking me is not discussing a way forward, and please stop interrupting me with my own quotes, I do not concur!
  • @barackobama takes control with bullet point lists and the authority of a presidency in action, @mittromney nods in the background
  • @barackobama: I am confident that Assad’s days are numbered, what we cannot do is turn gun ho in the region as @mittromney suggests
  • @barackobama: Imagine we pulled out of #Libya when @mittromney suggested as much, we must maintain a leadership role in the area
  • @mittromney: I don’t want our military involved in #Syria, we should arm carefully vetted foreign organizations on our behalf
  • @barackobama appears strong and assertive, @mittromney appears bored and disjointed, he may be battling indigestion
  • @barackobama rambled a bit discussing #Egypt, discussing domestic educational policies in response to Mubarak was noticed
  • @mittromney just returned the tangent by promoting world peace through a strong economy
  • @mittromney: We need a strong military, then let me somehow segue into validating our current military as second to none
  • @barackobama: the world needs a strong America, and America is stronger than when I came into office
  • @barackobama: @mittromney has praised George Bush and Dick Cheney as economical stewards
  • @mittromney: Fuel independency, trade with Latin America, more training programs, a balanced budget, and championing small business
  • @barackobama has outright attacked @mittromney at every turn, this is the reverse of the first debate except #Romney is awake
  • Bob Schieffer: Where will you get the military money @mittromney? You’re welcome to look through our proposition on our web site
  • @barackobama: we spend more on our military more than the next two countries combined, @mittromney’s math doesn’t work
  • @mittromney just snapped at Bob Schieffer, his anxiety is becoming palpable as this loss grows on him
  • @barackobama: this isn’t a game of battleship @mittromney, our strength lays in our military capability and veterans
  • @mittromney: I would like to echo the sentiments of @barackobama, I support #Israel, and stand against a nuclear capable #Iran
  • @mittromney’s plan tonight appears to be prudently agreeable with @barackobama, and gracefully disregard attacks
  • @barackobama is the aggressor tonight, with or without volume, he has established himself as the alpha male at the table
  • @mittromney: #Iran noticed when @barackobama said we will put daylight between ourselves and #Israel
  • @mittromney: #Iran must not develop nuclear capabilities, we need tighter sanctions despite our tightest sanctions in history
  • @mittromney: We’re four years closer to a nuclear #Iran, we’re four years closer to a nuclear #Iran, did I say that already?
  • @mittromney just turned the tide and accused @barackobama of disregarding #Israel the ally and apologetic to #Iran the enemy
  • @mittromney has buckled down in the second half and noticeably begun to stare down @barackobama’s replies, tale of two halves
  • @barackobama: @mittromney said we shouldn’t need to move heaven and earth to search for one man, then I killed Osama Bin Laden
  • @mittromney: Bob, you can’t let @barackobama drawl on like that. Bob: You have as well sir. #Romney: You’re probably right.
  • *Binders Full of Women* took eight minutes, *Horses and Bayonets* took six minutes to reach @tumblr
  • If a #Republican killed Bin Laden, Qaddafi, and brought the Dow back to 12,000 in four years, then he’d already be on Mount Rushmore
  • #drones @mittromney: I feel @barackobama is right using this technology to go after threats
  • We’ve confirmed the #mittromney strategy for the evening: agree with @barackobama where prudent and suggest it isn’t enough
  • @barackobama is noticeably countering the @mittromney strategy on the fly by stressing his administration over attacks now
  • #future #threats @barackobama: We have to remain vigilant against terrorists and insist that #China plays by the rules
  • @barackobama: … @mittromney criticized me for being too tough, in other words, stop liesurely agreeing with my brilliance
  • #threats @mittromney: @barackobama forgot to mention a nuclear #Iran as our greatest threat going forward #truth
  • @mittromney: #China is counterfeiting our goods, stealing our intellectual property, manipulating our currency, etc. #trade #war
  • @mittromney: I want a great relationship with #China despite everything I have already said and continue to say
  • @barackobama: American exports have doubled to #China since I’ve been in office, and we must continue to thrive there
  • @barackobama: #Detroit doesn’t forget @mittromney, check the Op-Ed piece, you keep trying to airbrush history
  • @barackobama: Bringing down our deficit by adding military spending money our military isn’t requesting will not make us more competitive
  • @barackobama: what we can’t do is go back to policies that brought us here in the first place, #progress moves #forward
  • @mittromney: @barackobama said he would have unemployment down to 5.4% by now #fact #reminder
  • @mittromney: I love teachers. Bob Schieffer: I think we all love teachers.
  • #close @barackobama: I will work every single day to make sure America continues to be the greatest nation on Earth
  • #close @mittromney: I want to see growing peace in this country and pledge to maintain America as the hope of the Earth
  • #close Bob Schieffer: Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong!

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