NFL Playoffs

You don’t have to believe me after the fact: I accurately predicted every NFL wild card game this postseason. It behooved me to pick against Adrian Peterson. Poor Adrian Peterson, as I was explaining to a friend about history, he really needed to break that rushing record. History will forget the most amazing positional season I can remember, because the statistics aren’t historically distinguishable. Houston was outright better than Cincinnati no matter how they backed into the playoffs. Wilson was the best rookie, and the only rookie I favored.

I accurately predicted half of the Divisional Round. Peyton Manning is a chronic cold weather loser, and Ray Lewis’ announcement nailed the Denver coffin shut. As much as I want to blame a terrible play by Denver’s safety, the Broncos wouldn’t have been in the game without their special team miracles as it was. As a previous Super Bowl MVP winner, Aaron Rodgers had my faith in a revenge game against the city of San Francisco, then the Packers’ defense let a first year quarterback run roughshod over them. The Seahawks were a puzzling first half team. The Falcons were almost fortunate to have drawn a Pete Carroll coached team in order to escape. No one expected the Texans to win and they didn’t.

My Conference Round predictions: Patriots and 49ers. Mike Smith won’t fare half as well against Jim Harbaugh. Whether Matt Ryan is ice cold or not, is one of the least interesting discussions known to mankind. While the Ravens versus Patriots game could really be a toss-up, my choice depends on the Super Bowl matchup I would prefer. I’m already dreading the Colin Kaepernick life story specials scheduled to air, the Harbaugh brothers highlights would drive me to watch Gossip Girl. My prediction provides genuinely interesting plot lines: Bill Belichick versus Jim Harbaugh, arguably the two best coaches in the game. Colin Kaepernick versus Tom Brady, two very different quarterbacks battling over the future of the position.

I will admit that I can’t root for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. I love Jim Harbaugh, from his time as Captain Comeback on the football field, to this hardnosed coach roaming the sidelines; it’s Colin Kaepernick that I can’t bond with. I’m an advocate of earned accolades. Steve Young introduced the mobile quarterback to elite status, validating the unfulfilled potential of Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Vince Young, and allowing Aaron Rodgers to similarly flourish. Ironically Tom Brady was also a beneficiary of instant success, having supplanted Drew Bledsoe and winning a Super Bowl under the direction of the Sith Lord Bill Belichick; however, after time, Tom Brady has earned his stripes and my respect. I would probably root for the 49ers if Alex Smith were starting. Call it hate, or call it a test by fire, because Kaepernick wins my respect with a championship, that’s what winning does, no matter how it’s done.


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