Women, Please

Ask a group of men about women and we’ll readily admit that we’re stupefied. Ask a group of women about men, and prepare for a torrent of misinformed garbage spew from their delicate lips. Ladies, for the supposedly smarter sex, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Some blame magazines, I blame absentee fathers. If no one took the time to outline simple terms for a desirable relationship, then I’ve teamed up with David Cesar to combat some misconceptions and respond to unrealistic checklists like the above and below:

By no stretch of the imagination is the following list complete, although we have agreed that each point lays an admirable foundation for compromise:

  • Cleans the home wearing stilettos and lingerie, cleaning the home is optional.
  • Eagerly trades massages for home cooked meals, and vice versa; we’re always eager for either, no man turns down or sulks over a massage or home cooked meal in return for the other.
  • Makes a sandwich after sex, we would if we weren’t immediately exhausted; we kill spiders, your evolutionary advantages are just as important.
  • Reciprocates compliments; we appreciate your beautiful ability to make yourself any more beautiful.
  • Saves as much as she spends; because ten pairs of Christian Louboutins amount to the opening cost of retirement property.
  • Calmly expresses her frustrations, and welcomes assistance to overcome obstacles; we really want to help, we would do anything to end perpetual sob stories.
  • Doesn’t invite ratchet television, friends, or relatives into our home; we make repairs with ratchets, don’t break our home.
  • Public disposition between Angela Basset and Phylicia Rashad.
  • Private submissive hedonist between Kim Kardashian and Ciara.

You’ve been given the recipe; reverse engineer at will. If you insist on being stubborn, a unique snowflake, or legion to the same Marilyn Monroe who died of a drug overdose, then here are four final tips to best relate to the man in your life:

  • Play with his dick
  • Play with his dick
  • Play with his dick
  • Play with his dick

Finally, no, I am not a chauvinist. I love women, I treat women respectfully, I have argued in favor of suffrage more times than I care to disclose. If you’re still not satisfied with these suggestions or their ethical nature, then imagine each suggestion comes with a bottle of Merlot, or add a sense of humor to the list. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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