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An Audience


Someone finally asked about the whereabouts of my blog posts; to everyone inquiring, to the both of you really, my process was amicably interrupted. First, I left my journal on the roof of a moving vehicle; after retracing my steps, it’s been verifiably lost. Someone in the world may have notes detailing my day to day life, if they’re capable of painting my picture through words, then I expect a six-hour long TMZ segment dedicated to my insanity. The culprit most likely tore out the first quarter of used pages, and kept the really nice pen that was attached. Second, following the Martin Luther King Jr. post, I had mistakenly scheduled a string of black history themed posts, before it dawned on me that February is Black History Month. Meaning to push back my blog queue, everything went awry when I lost the filler content that wasn’t transcribed from my journal.

Lastly, it’s hard to cultivate an audience without concentrating on a single subject area. I write fiction, non-fiction, about health, style, technology, and other endless possibilities and combinations. I just write, to clear my head, or elaborate my stance from social discussions without resorting to arguments. As much as I respect journalists, their profession has turned into copywriter hell; as a contrarian, it’s hard to sell to the status quo. I’ve always thought that whether you like my writing or not, I would’ve been glad to receive criticisms and compliments alike; where compliments make you feel good, criticisms make you better. With expectations like those, you quickly learn that the only thing worse than destructive criticism is silence. My Quora query on the topic is home to cobwebs and tumble weeds, maybe there isn’t an answer; and yet, we’re all convinced that winners don’t fit into square pegs.

If you find yourself impatiently waiting for my scheduled blog posts, then let me know in any manner you see fit; through the channels on will work best. As with all endeavors, I appreciate any and all interest, thank you for your participation.

Postscript: Special thanks to Tiantha and Jillian!

Art of the Pivot

The words hack and pivot are the most overused words in the startup community. If your hack doesn’t immediately gain traction, then you pivot. Remember the company Color? Didn’t think so, everyone with deep pockets put chips in their pot and lost, so how does a failure recoup their losses, let alone their reputation? They relentlessly pivot through all forty one million dollars invested in them. We’re in an age where failure is a form of success, you know all the rhetoric: it’s not how many times you fall that matters, but how many times you get up. Motivational posters line our walls reminding us to never despair, to remain stubborn in one regard and not another, success is but a pivot away. Even spiritually, numerous parables suggest, when one door closes another opens. What happened to sticking to your guns, holding to your word, or staying the course? Too much advice has a way of contradicting itself.

Let’s call it what it is, it’s very difficult for me to lose, quit, or admit defeat without winning nonetheless. My pivots assess what’s necessary in the long-term over short-term requests; already evident in my sobriety laden stash of V8 cans. I asked myself if it was worth the time fretting over daily deadlines. Like all of you, I have more important priorities than this blog, and decided against the added stress of constant revisions. Going forward, please expect new posts at noon on Monday through Thursday of every week.

To my ego, at least my pivot isn’t a severe 180 degree turnaround, nor have I hijacked millions of dollars in the process. Do not be afraid to do what’s best for you. Enjoy your wins and losses!

The Importance of Preparation

The difference between tardy people and punctual people is preparation. We tardy people make basic assumptions about departures and arrivals; for instance, if we need to be there at four, and the journey is an hour long, then we should be oblivious to travel arrangements until three. That’s exactly how it happens; that or the two train from Flatbush Avenue gets held up at President, until you’re late, even though you left early. You know who I really respect? People who iron their clothes the night before wearing them; those people are going places, and they plan to arrive on time.

Any regular reader will know I have failed in my quest to write every day, please accept my apologies. What happens is, every day I plan to write at a certain time, preceding other responsibilities, then completely avoidable circumstances throw a wrench in my agenda! Content certainly hasn’t been a problem, as I have a long list of topics to cover at any given time; on the other hand, like choosing clothes in the morning, picking a topic can take anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour of Spotify shuffling.

With the New Year approaching, it would be all too cliche to announce some sort of *time management resolution*, so I won’t. I will continue trying my best to deliver on my promises, and that means better preparation: more drafting and queuing posts ahead of time. So stay tuned for a daily stream of me! And if I don’t deliver in this space, then I promise to publish a regular post the next day, alongside a well written explanation for the day before; or a link to this post if I don’t have the time…

Zaha Hadid

Lines are my personal hell, just give me a number and contact me when you’re ready. In lieu of standing in line at BJs, I found a magazine and sat to the side until a new register opened; there, Zaha Hadid came to my attention through a Time Magazine article.

Photos of a breathtaking building caught my eye first, then the unique Zaha Hadid attribution piqued my curiosity, and sent my fingers combing through pages. Zaha Hadid is a regal, 62 year old woman of Iraqi-British descent, who adorns extravagant gowns to better reflect the masterpieces she is responsible for around the world. She has also taught at Harvard, Ohio State, Columbia, Yale, and other prominent international Universities. Her list of accomplishments fill trophy rooms that rival pioneers on historical levels. She is the first woman to win Architecture’s highest distinction, the Pritzker, and remains favorably ranked on worldwide lists of influential figures.

Zaha Hadid nourished my healthy respect for professional women in the sciences, fittingly in a super market, symbollically away from the frustration of checking out. While I have not seen these “Real Housewives of Any Metropolitan City,” or “Any Kardashian” that continues to enthrall our young ladies, I’ll be glad to keep you abreast of the positively impressionable marvels of the world once the laughter ends.

Write Everyday

The journal I regularly carry solicits questions regarding its benefits, to which I usually reply, “There are some, fewer than I anticipated.” It dawned on me recently that I don’t write as often as I’d like to – and this will sound crazy – because I think I’ll run out of words; where my writing personally begins to feel repetitive, even as the content wildly varies. Reading and writing is something I’ve always been good at, along with math and computers, and sports and … if you don’t get the drift, my attention wanders even as my commitment ensures an above competent ability. In response, I have decided to write every day, to grow as a communicator and reap the unforeseen benefits of better recording my observations. Be a pal, read me, comment and leave suggestions, and I’ll be sure to reply; thank you and best wishes!

Gray Conversations

* the following is a hypothetical conversation.

  • Gray: Hello 9:43 PM
  • @jorenerene: Hello gorgeous, how are you? 10:00 PM
  • Gray: Why don’t you hit me up anymore? 10:24 PM
  • @jorenerene: Because you don’t answer questions and petulantly push your own agenda instead of enjoying a conversation, see this conversation for proof. 10:25 PM
  • Gray: Lol ok 10:27 PM
  • @jorenerene: Will be posting this conversation on Tumblr, would you like your name censored or linked to your Twitter address? 10:41 PM
  • Gray: Lol 10:44 PM
  • @jorenerene: Seriously, you can’t answer a question? To save face, namely yours, this is now a hypothetical conversation for publishing purposes. 10:54 PM


Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform. – Mark Twain.

It is my nature to question everything; however, even as a contrarian, it is not in my nature to be argumentative. Present me with a square, and I may find a cube; you say racist, I say racial. Despite a clear indifference, most any dissentious matter, whether composed of subjective expressions or objective statements, quite often leads to misappropriated defensive rebuttals, and bleating echoes of eerily similar sentiments. Personal reasons, and cited evidence aside, understand that my aim is not to persuade others to share my view of any matter; my approach to writing is to record ideas, actions, and theories, that have not yet been expounded upon. What I will not do is follow blind faith, make unsolicited decisions for whom I am not responsible, or ironically judge anyone for being judgmental; because when I conclude discussions with my best wishes, be assured that my salutations are genuine, and may your ideologies best serve you.