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My Father Exercised Once

My father was allegedly a soccer savant in his heyday, despite the lack of recorded evidence, his good posture and trim suits have historically swayed belief surrounding fitness in his favor. In my twenty odd years of life, I cannot recall my father ever participating in a physically strenuous activity, much less exercise; therein lies how he thoroughly impressed me.

After weeks of expressing a desire to buy sneakers, only to repeatedly reject the notion of actually doing so, we finally went to Modells and bought him a pair of yellow and gray Nikes. After loosely browsing through sweat pants and track shirts, my father confirmed that he already owned proper exercise attire.

Quick side tangent, the Modells employee who assisted us attempted to guess my age, started with 19, then 23, then 25; she made a not so young man’s day.

My father accompanied me to exercise wearing what can best be described as a pair of windbreaker cargo shorts and an Ed Hardy t-shirt. We intermittently walked and jogged the track and stairs (*click through for video re-enactment), then completed two sets of Betty White modified push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. Still, it’s not how well, or realistically terribly he performed, my father’s effort truly impressed me out there.