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Why I Walk in the AM

My warm weather mornings used to begin with a jog, or sprint intervals between pot holes; ever progressing towards a healthier lifestyle, I recently decided to walk in the mornings instead. While it’s a given that my ethnicity is particularly at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, it’s less well known that mornings are a terrible time for anyone to strenuously exercise.

We’re 40 % more prone to suffer coronary emergencies between the hours of 6 am and noon. My mother rehashes every story about young adults who keel over and die moments after shoveling their driveway. You’re aware of reports of fit athletes losing consciousness and being pronounced dead in the middle of morning practices. Like the quiet carcinogenic effects of working the graveyard shift, without the declaration of a Public Service Announcement, it’s easy to believe these fatal occurrences are merely coincidental, rather than the result of a series of unfortunate circumstances.

After hours spent sleeping in a horizontal position, our blood circulation slows, allows blood to sit, and results in a body filled with the thickest blood supply of the day. Imagine drinking juice from a fresh straw, then a milkshake from a used straw, the difference is that stark.

Taking it easy on your body doesn’t mean you need to sit around either. Although I barely regard walking as exercise, a brisk walk is a great morning activity substitute. The pace prevents you from feeling rushed, the atmosphere allows you to think, and weather factors are less likely to keep you indoors. Have a good morning, every morning, for a long time!


How I Use Instagram

If you follow me, comment, or heart any of my instagrams, then I will browse through your profile with similar intentions, and subsequently follow you if I like your content. I dislike constantly recurring themes, including your cats and children, borders, bad blur jobs, and images of text – in which case the quote is usually terrible, misspelled, or incorrectly attributed. Also, I do not follow people who do not follow others, please enjoy your *celebrity stardom* all the same. I have a soft spot for architecture, patterns, nature, geometry, skin, and unusual perspectives. When I open Instagram I’d like to be greeted by a variety of awesome. Best wishes all, follow me @jorenerene.