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2013 NBA Finals

We’re headed for the result I most wanted to avoid: a Spurs vs. Heat Finals. Despite being a Spurs fan, as a practical person, I chose the Grizzlies to come out of the Western Conference Finals. The Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph duo was clicking, Tayshaun Prince completed a lockdown wing tandem with perennial defensive force, Tony Allen, and Michael Conley was climbing the elite point guard ladder higher than the memory of Greg Oden. No one loved the Rudy Gay export more than me. Not only were the Grizzlies suddenly a complete team that could again live up to their GRINDHOUSE moniker, they’re also two years removed from thwarting a dominant Spurs team in the first round. In the Spurs’ defense, after pummeling a Lakers team that wouldn’t have done better with Kobe in the lineup, then subduing the Warriors in Stephen Curry’s coming out party, they managed to cruise like witches on brooms against their hardest test out of the West; and no, the Thunder wouldn’t have fared better, the Spurs would’ve exploited the Harden hole to no end. Given a week to rest before the Finals, are the Spurs the undercover favorites regardless of who comes out of the East?

The Knicks were primed to surprise the Heat after Miami’s soft schedule over the hapless Bucks and feisty Bulls. After their series with the Pacers, I can’t fathom a New York championship with Amar’e Stoudemire on the payroll, or built around Carmelo Anthony’s potential. On the otherhand, the Pacers aren’t ready; after stealing and relinquishing home court advantage, they’re going to learn about missed opportunities the hard way. If not New York, then Memphis was primed to give Miami their hardest trial en route to repeating as Champions. Flash back to the 2007 NBA Finals with me, when the Spurs met a young Lebron James, and rode Tony Parker to their fourth title; this is not the same Lebron, nor are these the same Spurs. A trivial piece of history that separates Tim Duncan from his contemporaries, namely Shaq, Kobe, and Lebron, is the fact that he has never lost an NBA Finals. I personally find meaning in unblemished journeys through the Promised Land. I would personally prefer Tim Duncan lose in the Conference Finals, rather than the Finals, simply to preserve this distinction. As the underdog, more important than earning a fifth ring, these are the stakes I am most aware of.

Of course, should the Pacers improbably earn their title shot, I’ll be celebrating Tim Duncan’s untainted record immediately. Not sure how you begin to word such an unlikely alternative future: The revenge of George Hill? Frank Vogel out coaches Greg Popovich? Roy Hibbert learns to be agile while chasing Tony Parker? Or the Pacers suddenly win four games against a team they’ve only beaten three times in eleven years? In closing, I need the Neilsen television ratings for the Style segments after every game, I can’t be the only one who prefers Lifetime movies.


First Quarter NBA 2012

Initial thoughts I jotted down during the off-season: Who’s supposed to beat the Lakers, besides the Lakers? My dark horse picks included Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Phoenix; my faith in underdogs has since been destroyed. Going forward, it’s safe to expect season defining injuries to Andrew Bynum and Kyrie Irving; and Michael Beasley, a former second overall pick in the NBA draft, will never blossom.

I’m technically writing this post because the Knicks beat the Lakers the other night, that game was my call to action. This is another weak year for the Eastern Conference. Dismiss Boston and Chicago miracles now. The East comes down to the Knicks repeatedly trouncing the Heat, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because of the recipe: Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler, replace Dirk Nowitzki with Carmelo Anthony, and Jason Terry with Raymond Felton. Amar’e Stoudemire coming off the bench solidifies a Knicks team built to make an NBA Finals appearance.

My Kobe sarcasm is off the meter, I thought he was a lock for a sixth ring; I just wasn’t ready for the six ring argument! Had they gelled, it’s not inconceivable to think Mitch Kupchak assembled the greatest five man NBA team EVER: two previous MVPs, two previous defensive MVPs, and a starting rotation of functional All-Stars! Their potential drastically shifted from chasing 72 wins to missing the playoffs; Phil Jackson is beside himself.

Then the Western Conference was gift wrapped to the Thunder right? Wrong. James Harden disappeared in the Finals, against the Heat, not against the Spurs. Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook neutralize one another, the Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson tandem caps Kevin Durant outbursts, and expecting the unproven Kevin Martin to out duel Manu Ginobilli is akin to high hopes for Beasley. The Spurs couldn’t be in a better position to come out of the West, thank you Sam Presti. Houston is now a playoff team, and Harden should win Most Improved Player. Memphis is the wild card here; still, give me the Spurs representing the West in the NBA Finals.

As of now my NBA Finals picture reads Gregg Popovich over Mike Woodson, Spurs over Knicks.

2012 NBA Draft Recap

Considering their season and needs, the Golden State Warriors won the Draft selecting high character guys who fill the box score and play defense; alongside David Lee and Stephen Curry, the Warriors can be experience and a veteran away from contention. Memphis gets a positive honorable mention with their late Tony Wroten selection, certified sleeper. On the other end, the Sacramento Kings trapped Thomas Robinson with their hodgepodge of promising players from previous drafts, destined to toil away putting up big numbers on a bad team until he can escape through free agency. Cleveland gets a negative honorable mention with their early Dion Waiters selection, his interview caused other General Managers to applaud.Without further ado, my 2012 NBA Draft notes in reverse order.

  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @miamiheat trade Arnett Moultree, who I liked for them, to @sixers for future picks … Champions should know what they’re doing.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @warriors select Festus Ezell with the thirtieth pick, like his STRENGTH, that rounds out the first round; that’s all folks
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @chicagobulls select Marquis Teague with the twenty ninth pick, better than his older brother Jeff Teague already, that is all.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Perry Jones III interview points, no eye contact, and chewing gum made him mutter, his agent didn’t prepare him properly.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @okcthunder select Perry Jones III with the twenty eighth pick, made of college all stars from top to bottom ‪#win‬ @nadruoj88
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @miamiheat select Arnett Moultrie with the twenty seventh pick, 6’10 athlete that averaged a double double ‪#win‬
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @pacers select Miles Plumlee with the twenty sixth pick, terrible pick because he’s not @nba ready, that is all
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @memgrizz select Tony Wroten Junior with the twenty fifth pick, 6’6 point guard plays defense and has court vision? ‪#win‬ ‪#rondo‬
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @memgrizz trade rumors, would definitely trade Rudy Gay straight up for Andre Iguodala if I were Memphis…
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ was about to comment on Perry Jones falling too far, and no one mentioned my other sleeper Draymond Green, @memgrizz are fortunate
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @cavs select Jared Cunningham with the twenty fourth pick, for @dallasmavs, looks or plays smaller than listed 6’5
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @espn showed the @bobcats roster, worst team in @nba history right there, no one will know any of those players in two years.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @atlanta_hawks select John Jenkins with the twenty third pick, has been called the best shooter available.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @celtics select Fab Melo with the twenty second pick, a seven footer who averages less than six boards per game…
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ listening to @espn Bilas describe Jared Sullinger involves more *he cannot* than anything else, besides a 6’9 basketball player.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @celtics select Jared Sullinger with the twenty first pick, YES! YES! YES! @sportsguy33 can’t wait to make excuses.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @sportsguy33 will collapse in agony if the @celtics take Jared Sullinger, let’s make it happen.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @denvernuggets select Evan Fournier with the twentieth pick, his ENTIRE highlight tape looks like a staged @nike commercial
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @orlando_magic select Andrew Nicholson with the nineteenth pick, like his drive, hope he fills in. *high five* Canada
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @dallasmavs send Tyler Zeller to @cavs for the 24th, 33rd, and 34th pick, Cavaliers with Barnes over Waiters would win round one
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @houstonrockets select Terrence Jones with the eighteenth pick, best overall first round grade with Jeremy Lamb and Royce White
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ what’s with the @espn @nba ladder commercial theme?
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @dallasmavs select Tyler Zeller with the seventeenth pick, highly skilled big, hits the boards, runs the floor, problem?
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @houstonrockets select Royce White with the sixteenth pick, sleeper favorite of mine, @sixers will regret passing him
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @sixers select Maurice Harkless with the fifteen pick, it’s whatever, Evan Turner is the future, needed another BIG.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @bucks select John Henson with the fourteenth pick, guaranteeing Tyler Zeller will be a star … Bilas said, Kruger @sportsguy33
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @phoenixsuns select Kendall Marshall with the thirteenth pick, we may see unprecedented defenselessness ‪#bust‬
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Chris Broussard suddenly acquired a lisp, he also feels Jeremy Lamb will find the wrong side of an @nba poster early next season.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @houstonrockets pick Jeremy Lamb with the twelfth pick … suit > game
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Meyers Leonard … Shawn Bradley
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @pdxtrailblazers pick Meyers Leonard with the eleventh pick, Lamarcus Aldridge looks forward to free agency
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ between that white dress and her volleyball background, Callie Rivers leads the *Best Looking Family Member* nomination so far
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @hornets select Austin Rivers with the tenth pick, Eric Gordon just left New Orleans.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ to be fair about Andre Drummond, lock him in a room with Bill Russell, Bill Russell footage, and a court w/ weights; he’ll be okay
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @detroitpistons select Andre Drummond with the ninth pick, mediocrity in Detroit continues, Kwame 2.0 just looks happy to be there
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @detroitpistons Andre Drummond is their perfect fit, they deserve annual busts after choosing Darko over Carmelo years ago
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @raptors select Terrence Ross with the eighth pick, even David Stern laughed, then every commentator said *not a bad pick* ‪#BAD‬
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @raptors as a Canadian, I am personally ashamed of our sole @nba franchise, their pick is guaranteed TERRIBLE
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @warriors select Harrison Barnes with the seventh pick, best selection available, thought Andre Drummond made sense here.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Damian Lillard just threw Gary Payton under the bus, may his teammates be weary
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @pdxtrailblazers select Damiam Lillard with the sixth pick, heard this selection all day, guess Raymond Felton is done there.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @sacramentokings pick Thomas Robinson with the fifth pick, he will need to bring a strong personality to change a perennial loser
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @sacramentokings where young talent goes to flounder and prepare for a critical role on a contender through free agency.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Thomas Robinson continues to fall, every team that passed him by will feel that chip on his shoulder.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @cavs select Dion Waiters with the fourth pick, drafting for need here, filling holes
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @cavs struck gold with Kyrie Irving last draft, struck out with Tristan Thompson, looking forward to their selection.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @washwizards pick Bradley Beal with the third pick, expected as much, shooter complements a team without a shot
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @bobcats select Michael Kidd Gilchrist with the second pick, straight from my star potential list.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ fully expect the @hornets to draft Anthony Davis’ teammate Terrence Jones with the tenth pick, transition with talent and comfort.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Anthony Davis is Serge Ibaka scary around the rim, then he starts blocking your three point shooters and the nightmare begins.
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @nba @hornets first pick will be Anthony Davis, tell your naive friends you’re a psychic
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ @nba David Stern is @wwe Ric Flair
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Preliminary @nba Bust Potential List / Andre Drummond, Austin Rivers, Kendall Marshall…
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Preliminary @nba Role Player Potential List / Tyler Zeller, Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal…
  • ‪#nbadraft‬ Preliminary @nba Star Potential List / Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd Gilchrist…